What should I do if Bluetooth is failing to connect?

If you are having issues with Bluetooth failing to pair, here are steps that can be taken to troubleshoot:

1) Reset the device via power cycling (i.e., unplug and plug it back in)

2) Hold Lono Snooze for 8-10 seconds to reset again (just in case).This will reset Lono’s WiFi and BLE settings (LEDs will blink and turn blue and turn off) and reinitiate the onboarding process (breathing blue - Bluetooth connection stage). Here's a video demo - https://lono.zendesk.com/hc/en-us/articles/205525095-How-can-I-reset-Lono-

3) Remove Lono from paired bluetooth in your iOS device's settings (if it's there)

4) Uninstall and reinstall the app (just in case)

5) Authenticate w/ the account you've created, and then try to re-onboard your device and connect it to your network again

6) Lono will go through the WiFi setup, claiming your Lono and firmware update process (magenta blinking LEDs).

7) If you get the error message upgrade "Lono could not connect to the cloud" during firmware update, do not click on "Ok Mon", Lono will cycle through the firmware upgrade process itself and upgrade just fine. Give it some time.

8) If the error message doesn't go away, click OK and eventually you'll end up at the Zone Detection setup screen and all should be good after that.

Happy watering :)

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