What are the different wire connector terminals for?

What is the difference between the three Common terminals at the top?

There are no differences between the three Common terminals. Lono has more than one common terminal to account for irrigation controllers that have multiple wire bundles with common wires connected to them. For instance, in our installation video you'll notice the old controller being replaced has multiple wire bundles, and thus requires multiple common wire terminals to connect each bundle. 

What is the difference between the Common terminals and the Ground terminal?

A number of different 3rd party sensors will need to interface directly with Lono's PCB. Consequently, for those sensors we have the Ground terminal interface available where a user would be required to plug the sensor wires into both the sensor terminal and the Ground terminal.

How do users wire rain sensors? In series with their valves and the Common terminal or to a Sensor terminal (and to Common or Ground)?

If your current controller is wired in series between your valves and your Common terminal, then you'll want to wire your sensors in series between their valves and Lono's Common terminal. Note: Rain sensor integration availability is TBD.

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