How can I report bugs and share feedback?

We view you as our project managers. In other words, your feedback will assist in guiding our development efforts. Day by day, your systems will improve as a consequence of the feedback you share.

Reporting bugs and sharing feedback

Regarding the best ways to report bugs and share feedback, we are using a tool called Instabug. The Instabug SDK makes it easy for anyone to share feedback via the mobile app. To launch the feedback tool users simply need to shake their mobile devices back and forth while the app is open.

Upon doing so, users can then draw on screenshots, highlight various portions of the interface and share bugs and suggestions with us.

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    William Zaggle

    Please put some audio on the video for instabug. I have a lot to report but need to figure out how to get instabug installed. Just watching someone shake their iphone makes little sense.

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