How does the mobile application work?

Using the Lono mobile application is super easy. Let's take a quick look at how scheduling works: 

  • Time blocks: Time blocks are the green bars on the scheduling screen which refer to the windows of time in which it is OK for your irrigation system to water using Lono's intelligent scheduling. Users can increase or decrease the amount window of time by resizing the time block or single tapping the time block and explicitly changing the "From" and "To" times.


  • Time restrictions: Clicking the icon in the upper right will lead to the Time Restrictions screen. There you can enable or disable odd/even day watering, set explicit blackout dates and customize the frequency associated with the restrictions (e.g., every two weeks).


  • Days of the week: By clicking a day of the week, you can enable or disable the time block(s) for an entire day.




  • Snooze: Having a BBQ later? Don’t worry, Lono’s got you covered. Simply activate Snooze to pause your watering schedule for 6 hours, 12 hours, 1 day, 2 days or 3 days.


  • Up Next: The Up Next panel displays which zone is currently watering or up next, along with all other scheduled and disabled zones.


  • Minx / Watering: If you need to increase or decrease the number of minutes in which a particular zone should water per cycle, you can do so by clicking its corresponding green mins / watering button.




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