What do the different colors of the Lono LED mean?

Fast breathing of current color: The snooze button is being pressed.

Momentary rapid flashing of current color: The Lono device is acknowledging that it has received a command.

Breathing white and green: Lono is connected to the Cloud and ready to receive remote commands (Note: Lono is also white for a few seconds after being plugged in).

Solid white: Lono is actively watering.

Breathing green: Lono has WiFi credentials and is connecting to the WiFi router and Cloud.

Breathing blue: Lono is in Bluetooth mode and WiFi is not connected. Lono is waiting for Bluetooth commands to set the WiFi credentials or control Lono. Additionally, WiFi credentials can be sent over WiFi using SmartConfig in this mode.

Flashing magenta: Lono firmware is being updated over-the-air. The LEDs flash as the new firmware is downloaded. The rate of flashing indicates the rate of progress - it can speed up and slow down depending on the circumstances. If the color stays solid magenta, the update may have been interrupted. Unplugging Lono and plugging it back in will enable it to resume. After the firmware update is successfully applied, the LEDs turn off for about 10 seconds, followed by the normal start-up sequence.

Two red flashes: Lono is unable to connect to the Internet. Check the network connection.

Three red flashes: Lono is unable to connect to the Cloud. (Note: From time to time this will happen right before Lono connects to the cloud, so do not be alarmed if Lono flashes red, then goes to white. White means Lono is connected to the Cloud).

Orange: Lono received an IP address from your WiFi router. If Lono hangs on orange for more than a moment, unplug Lono and then plug it in again.

Breathing cyan: Lono is connected to your WiFi router and is waiting for an IP address so it can talk on the Intertubes.

Five red flashes: Lono thinks it has the wrong WiFi password and is unable to connect to your WiFi router. Following several tries, Lono will turn on Bluetooth mode and inform the Lono app of the situation (if your Smartphone supports BLE) and allow you to correct the password.

Momentary rainbow party: Lono received its first message from the Cloud after connecting and this is verification that your Lono is talking to the Cloud.


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